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For Leavenworth resident, Melvin Derritt, having surgery two times in 12 years is plenty! Melvin recently was discharged from Providence Medical Center after having kidney stone removal surgery by Mirian Boci, M.D., a board-certified urologist.

Melvin’s first visit to Providence, which seems like yesterday he said, was nearly 12 years ago when he had surgery by Lee Ludwig, MD, a board-certified surgeon, to remove a dangerous abscess from his abdomen.

In both cases, Melvin, says he credits the Providence physicians, and a great nursing staff on ensuring a successful recovery. A building maintenance technician for the Lansing City Government, Melvin leads an active life and was glad to be returning home so soon. He said with his recent stay, he had very large kidney stones which caused a tremendous amount of pain.

“I was in so much pain when I came through the ER, and everyone took good care of me and made sure I knew everything was going to be ok,” Melvin said.

He added, “The physicians and nurses here at Providence are excellent. I want to tell people that if you ever get sick, I strongly recommend Providence.”

Melvin’s experience at Providence reinforces the importance of having access to many comprehensive services under one roof quickly. Services such as innovative surgery, on site specialists and advanced imaging services in addition to fast emergency care, all contributed to Melvin’s positive patient outcome.

“We are filled with utmost delight to hear the latest positive experience of patients at Providence Medical Center and are humbly grateful to these kind words about our service,” Dr. Boci commented.

Dr. Boci explained Melvin’s condition by saying, “Melvin came to us with excruciating flank pain from a very prickly 8mm ureter stone. In context, adult ureters are only 3 to 4mm side
in diameter. After risks, benefit and alternative profiles were discussed with him, we expeditiously removed his stone the same day performing a flexible digital ureteroscopy with state of the art laser Holmium lithotripsy. “

Thanks to a skillful group of people involved, including ED, OR staff and floor nurses at PMC, Melvin had less than a 23-hour hospital stay after a minimally invasive procedure, according to Dr. Boci, and was able to his family and daily activities in no time.

“We will shortly follow up with Melvin as an outpatient in our Kansas City Urology Care clinic on the Providence Medical Center campus to help him prevent future stone recurrence,”
Dr. Boci said.

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