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Providence has named two new Environmental Services Supervisors recently. Jonathon Tubbs has been named the Day Shift Supervisor and Gregory Saunders has been named the Evening Shift Supervisor.

Jonathon has worked at Providence since 2011, first in a per diem role and later in a full-time position as an Enviro

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nmental Services technician. He then also became a team leader for the night shift. While working at Providence he attended the University of Kansas where he obtained a Bachelor of Art degree in English Literature with a minor in Applied Behavioral Science.

Jonathon enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, spending time with friends and family and visiting Lawrence. He says he values working at Providence because staff are friendly, and he has the opportunity to network and build relationships. “I have a servant’s heart, and am proud to serve my community,” he said.

Greg has a long connection with Providence, starting work as a floor technician in 1980. He recently rejoined the Providence staff after a 4-year absence in late August. He has held various positions over the years including a team leader, supervisor, director and manager and has worked at not only Providence, but Providence Place (including when it was operated by PRI) and sister hospital, Saint John, in Leavenworth.

Greg enjoys learning about history and using his metal detector. He and his wife Glenette have four grown daughters

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and two grandkids and enjoying fishing and visiting area parks. Their youngest daughter Brittnie works in Materials Managem

ent at Providence. Greg said he has enjoyed his tenure at Providence and has seen many changes. The building opened in 1976 and was still very new in 1980 when he started working here. He is happy it has been so well maintained by staff. He is a good role model for staff and says, “I encourage everyone to hang in there and keep a smile on your face.”