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Anesthesiology Services

Eliminating pain during surgery has come a long way and allowed doctors to solve many more health problems. Just 50 years ago, ether was state of the art and a stethoscope was the only way to monitor patients. 

Today, anesthesiologists monitor a whole range of body functions and vital signs, such as breathing, blood oxygen, blood pressure and heart rate to protect your health. Advances in patient monitoring, improved anesthetic agents and new drug therapies have dramatically reduced the number of complications from anesthesia, especially over the last decade.

The anesthesiologists on staff at Providence Medical Center use their clinical expertise and advanced technology to ensure the safest care for patients. They provide anesthesia services for a wide variety of surgical procedures and childbirth. They also treat acute and chronic pain.

Our anesthesiologists are dedicated to relieving your pain and to your total care during surgery, including your medical conditions before, during and after surgery. They are also trained to manage any medical problems that may arise during surgery.

The anesthesia staff adheres to more than 30 standards and guidelines developed by the American Society of Anesthesiologists for the care of patients before, during and after surgery or childbirth. The staff includes six board-certified anesthesiologists and nine certified register nurse anesthetists (CRNAs). The anesthesia staff is part of NorthStar Anesthesia. For more information about Anesthesiology Services at Providence, call 913-596-4100. Also, see:

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