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About one-fourth of all Americans will suffer from a neurological problem related to the brain or nerve system, such as a stroke. That makes neurological problems one of the leading causes for admission to hospitals, following only heart disease and cancer.

Neuroscience doesn’t just involve the brain. It’s a medical specialty that encompasses the entire nervous system. This includes the brain, spinal cord, spinal column and the nerves that travel through all parts of the body (hands, legs, arms, face).

The Providence Neurosciences department has brought together a gifted group of medical professionals and equipped them with the most advanced medical technology available.

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New techniques allow our neurosurgeons, backed by our top-notch surgery staff, to perform many procedures using microsurgery and minimally invasive procedures that minimize risk and allow you to recover much faster.

For example, Providence is one of the few hospitals in the metro area to perform intracranial coiling, which involves inserting a stent to prevent aneurysms from rupturing.

We also can perform stereotactic radiosurgery, which delivers high doses of radiation to pinpoint locations, sparring healthy tissue.

Our advanced treatments, positive patient outcomes and our culture of safety have built a wide referral network for the Providence Neurosciences department. Our doctors regularly attract patients from throughout the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states. And patients have come from as far away as Europe to take advantage of our procedures.

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