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Sleep Center

When there just aren’t enough sheep to count

More than 100 million Americans of all ages fail to get a good night’s sleep, according to the American Sleep Disorders Association. Yet, most don’t know the reason why. Primary sleep disorders include insomnia, snoring and sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless legs and shift-work sleep disorder.

Sleep disorders can affect a person’s entire wellbeing — physical, social, and mental. Fortunately, most sleep disorders are treatable and often can lead to the management of other pre-existing health conditions, such as obesity, respiratory difficulties and heart problems.

If you or a family member has problems sleeping, talk to your physician about the Providence Sleep Disorders Center. Our center is one of only 600 sleep medicine centers in the U.S. that is fully accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

For further information, contact us at 913-596-4704

How We Can Help

You’ll find a comprehensive range of services focused on the testing, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders:

  • Expertise to address the range of possible causes. Our doctors are board certified in neurology, psychiatry, pulmonary medicine and behavioral sleep medicine.
  • Sleep lab to monitor and evaluate patients. We have four sleep rooms to monitor and evaluate patients. We can perform both polysomnography (nighttime studies) and multiple sleep latency tests (daytime sleepiness studies). The rooms have full-sized beds with Somnastar digital sleep monitoring equipment.
  • The latest therapies. We have a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines that help patients with sleep apnea keep their air passages open.
  • Coordinated care. Once we’ve completed your sleep study, we’ll work with your primary care physician to diagnose and recommend treatment for your sleep disorder.

The Sleep Disorders Center is located on the sixth floor of Providence. Physician referral is required. Diagnosis and treatment options are covered under most insurance plans and Medicare. For more information, call 913-596-4704 or submit an email to the Sleep Disorders Center.

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