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Knowledge, dependability, flexibility, all are words that describe the team members in the Providence Plant Operations department. Department members help support the mechanics of the patient tower and beyond. Know someone interested in a mechanical field? These team members invite you to join them.

Frank Forrest

Paging ‘Dr. Frank”. On occasion, hospital staff may hear Dr. Frank paged over head. According to Plant Operations Technician II, Frank webFrank Forrest, in the earlier days at Providence, there were numerous employees paged over head until a policy change was made so only physicians were alerted over head. Frank was grandfathered in for many years, so that when a nursing unit had an over head speaker problem, Dr. Frank was paged to correct the problem.

Starting at Providence in 1979, Frank has 42 years of service at Providence. He enjoys the electrical work he completes at the Medical Center, and his expertise includes working on the tube system, serving as a locksmith, and helping with plumbing.

“You never know what you will be working on until you get here,” said Frank “I encourage those considering this field to be open-minded and adaptable.”

He added, “The staff in our department and the entire hospital have really stepped up to the plate the past year. I am proud to work with them.”

Frank is a family man. He and his wife Sarah have three children and six grandchildren. They enjoy celebrating family holidays and birthdays as well as attending sporting events.

When you see Frank outside the hospital, you may just catch him on his 2012 Harley Limited. He enjoys his rides and maintains his bike. He previously owned a 2002 Heritage and rode all the way to Key West on the bike.

Larry Tierney

Larry Tierney has worked at Providence for 30 years as a Plant Operations Technician II. Some may not see Larry as he has mostly worked second shift for many of his years with Providence, in addition to some swing shifts in the past.Larry3 web

But he says the employees at Providence are like a family and he would have it no other way. More than just a job, Larry is proud of the work completed by the Plant Operations team to keep the facility running in good shape. That is what has kept him steady as he goes in his job at Providence.

“It’s just a good atmosphere to be a part of,” said Larry.

Larry has a daughter and son and a stepdaughter along with his wife Debra. There is a sparkle in his eye when he talks about their 7 grandchildren. The family enjoys camping and Larry is an avid hunter and loves to fish. One of his unique hobbies is being a HAMM radio operator, communicating with folks around the globe.

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