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Providence Medical Center has announced that it is the latest health care facility to add new state-of-the-art breast imaging technology called 3D breast tomosynthesis for better breast cancer detection. The facility’s True Breast Tomosynthesis solution takes aim at improving breast cancer detection, reducing false-positive findings and cutting patient call backs.

True Breast Tomosynthesis is 3D mammogram technology that is proven to detect breast cancer better than traditional 2D mammography alone. While standard 2D mammograms take an image of the top and bottom side of a patient’s breast, True Breast Tomosynthesis takes 25 images of the breast from many angles as the X-ray tube moves across the breast in a 50-degree arc.

The images are assembled into a 3D study so doctors can see the breast tissue in fine detail. The 3D image allows them to see clearly through breast tissue that may be overlapping, or through the tissue of women with dense breasts. They are better able to detect and diagnose small tumors and rule out abnormalities that may have looked suspicious in the patient’s 2D mammogram.

“Breast tomosynthesis imaging has shown to be an advance over regular digital mammography, with higher cancer detection rates and fewer patient recalls for additional testing,” said Rick S. Mortiz, M.D., radiologist. “Lower recall rates results in fewer patients who may experience short term anxiety awaiting test results. Better sensitivity of this modality will likely translate into more lives saved.”

“Early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer,” said Janet Seeman, Prime Healthcare Corporate Regional Director, Cardiology & Radiology Services, Midwest/Southern Region,. “When we find tumors earlier, we’re better able to create treatment plans that are more effective. We think this technology can help us save lives.”

Our clinical data has demonstrated that the addition of Siemens’ digital breast tomosynthesis to a patient’s traditional 2D digital mammogram increases detection of breast tumors. We know that in clinical practice, this increased diagnostic accuracy also means fewer diagnostic biopsy procedures and fewer anxiety-inducing recalls, which typically contributes to both improved patient outcomes and reduced cost Providence installed the 3D technology to its existing Mammomat Inspiration mammography platform from Siemens. The facility’s team completed special training and certification on the True Breast Tomosynthesis technology prior to offering the service publicly.

To schedule a 3D mammogram at Providence, or its’ sister facilities, Providence Imaging Center or Saint John Hospital, call 913-667-5600.