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IMG 8234 webHusband, father, businessman and a true Dotte. For KCK/Piper resident Vince Stonestreet, having expert care close to home means the world to him, numerous times over.

A few years ago he had a heart attack, and looking back, he still is very appreciative of the care he received then as well as the care he continues to receive at Providence Medical Center.

“I knew there was a problem,” the 76-year-old said. “I had pain in my arm and I couldn’t lay down. And I thought, I am having a heart attack. “

A week prior to his heart attack, he had spoken with his primary care physician, William Taylor, MD, about what heart attack symptoms were and how to identify them. When he began having a heart attack, he recognized some of those symptoms and knew it was time to get to a hospital immediately.

Upon arrival at Providence Vince was rushed to an exam room where a team quickly began to assess him. And then he was rushed down the hallway to a waiting team in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab. There, Venkat R. Pasnoori, M.D., MPH, FACC, an interventional cardiologist at Providence, found one of the three main arteries leading to Vince’s heart was blocked and inserted a stent.

That was three years ago this August and Vince has been very happy he received life saving care that day and for the past three years by the Providence Cardiology team

“Dr. Pasnoori saved my life,” Vince said. “He is such a great doctor and so caring. I can’t say enough about what he and the other people who took care of me in the ER and in the hospital, did for me…keeping me alive.”

“I have heard people say that Dr. Pasnoori has the best eye hand coordination in the entire city and I believe it,” Vince said. He added he had heard highly of all of the cardiologists at Providence, including Dr. Pasnoori’s partners, Prashanth Katrapati, M.D., FACC, FSCAI, and Donald J. McSweyn, M.D., MBA, FACP, FACC, FSCAI.

Since having his heart attack, Vince has also received a defibrillator and is a regular member of the hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation maintenance program.

“The Cardiac Rehab staff really know how to have fun and encourage you to keep moving,” Vince added.

When he returns to the campus for a doctor’s appointment and cardiac rehab, he sees many familiar faces and is happy to talk about the good care he has received.

“I owe the staff at Providence my life,” Vince says. “Their care, friendship and professionalism have made all the difference for me and I just want everyone to know how grateful I am to have this hospital close to home.”

Vince grew up in Wyandotte County and he and his wife of 52 years raised three kids in the Piper area, Eric, Mauria and Paul. The couple also has three grandchildren.

Vince said, “My life is full. I am grateful for having Dr. Pasnoori and the staff at Providence look after me.”