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Labor and Delivery

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Comfortable, Private Labor & Delivery and Postpartum Rooms

Our private rooms allow your family to have privacy throughout your entire stay, giving you the chance to rest more comfortably and to bond with your newborn. Being near you is a source of comfort to your baby and can help him or her settle into a steady routine of feeding and sleeping.

Safe Sleep

Providence Medical Center achieved the National Safe Sleep Hospital Certification Programs designation, Bronze Safe Sleep Hospital. To learn more about safe sleep initiatives visit Cribs for Kids.

Quiet Time

Members of your extended family and friends are welcome to visit you and your new baby except during quiet time (2:00 PM – 4:00 PM). Quiet time is a relaxing and peaceful time for you to take a nap or breastfeed. During quiet time, we dim the lights on the maternity ward and try to limit any visitors or disruptions, including from the hospital staff. Your partner is, of course, welcome to stay.


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