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Admission Process

Often the admission process occurs when a resident is at a hospital, physician office or other facility. The referring organization often provides the first connection to the Providence Place Admissions Coordinator with needed information to make a seamless transition.

Family members and/or residents may need to provide for further documentation:

  1. All insurance cards (Medicare, Social Security, other providers, etc.).
  2. Legal documents: Guardianship, Conservator, Power of Attorney, Living Wills and any other such documents.
  3. If admitting from home, Providence Place will provide the History and Physical and Doctor’s Orders forms. These need to be completed and signed by the physician. The original forms must then accompany the resident on the date of admission.
    1. NOTE: The Resident must admit within five days of the date of the forms.
  4. Names, addresses and phone numbers of three (3) contact persons in the event there is an emergency, and the primary contact person cannot be reached.
  5. Personal care items as needed, such as wheelchair, walker or cane; personal use items, such as brushes, combs, toothpaste.
  6. Room furnishings, pictures, needlework, clock, chair, radio, etc., are encouraged to accompany the resident. Personal items, as space allows, help to make the room more comfortable. Please check with the Business Office before bringing in furniture or installing any items on the walls or doors.
  7. We recommend five to seven changes of comfortable clothing for normal wear: dresses, gowns, underclothing, pants, sweats, sweaters, pajamas, shirts, socks, etc., as necessary. We suggest two (2) pairs of shoes which provide good support and non-slip footing. Mark all items with resident’s last name, using permanent ink.
  8. Payment of room charges for private pay residents is due upon admission. The Business Office will prepare a statement for you.

If you have questions regarding the admissions process, feel free to call 913-596-5129 and talk to our experienced Admissions Coordinator. Our 24/7 Admission Hotline is 913-207-2624.

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