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Local Bike Rider Suffers Heart Attack and is saved at Providence Medical Center

For David Lowery, life is not meant to be sitting still much as he prefers having an active lifestyle. A retired school teacher, he is busy with 40 mile bike rides, walking, and working on his other hobbies, including wood working and creating stain glass window designs.

On a recent bike ride, he was caught off guard, feeling ill, as he was riding through Basehor, Kan., on his return to Piper from Linwood. Little did he know, he was suffering a major heart attack, with one of his arteries being blocked 100%.

“I felt dizzy, and decided to lay down my bike and lay down on the side of the road,” David described. “I called my wife Sandy who urged me to call 911.”

two people 1He decided to wait a moment and rest; he really didn’t want to call 911. Luckily, two persons driving by in a truck stopped to help him. One of the helpers had a medical background and knew right away he needed to get to the hospital. Realizing he was very ill, they helped David into the truck, loaded his bike, and headed to Providence Medical Center.

David and his wife Sandy, were so thankful for the two persons who stopped to assist David, “They saved his life,” said Sandy.

Sandy was able to meet David in the Providence Emergency Room. As David was being assessed, he had terrible chest pain. “I could tell something was really wrong,” Sandy said. “All the color went out of his face.”

Sandy was escorted to another room while staff proceeded with chest compressions for 20 minutes, saving his life. The hospital staff members who were able to successfully resuscitate him.

According to Prashanth Katrapati, MD, cardiologist, the story demonstrates the importance of getting to the closet hospital and calling 911 when suffering potential heart attack symptoms.

“David’s case is a shining example of what quick access to high quality, efficient medical care can do in saving lives,” Dr. Katrapati said. “The lifesaving CPR by the ER team, the ability of our cath lab staff and hospital to quickly open up blockages through our heart attack program and continued 24 hour support in the ICU is a true testament to the wonderful people working here to provide care to our community.”

Sandy explained, “Dr. Katrapati came to talk to me in a private consultation room in the ER. He had such compassion and told me very calmly what had occurred and what the plan was, to put a stent in David’s artery.”She added, “I can’t say enough about Dr. Katrapati, the ER staff, the Cath lab staff as well as the nurses and respiratory therapists in ICU, where David was taken after the procedure was complete.”

She also praised the Security staff that kept David’s bike and helmet secure.

“I woke up to the best care possible in the ICU,” said David. “I am thankful for the care I received that saved my life.”

It’s a fact that time is heart muscle. The sooner a patient with heart attack symptoms gets to a hospital for lifesaving care, the better chance they have of not only surviving but of minimal heart damage. David is very grateful that Providence was close by. The story reflects the importance of getting to the closet hospital and/or call 911 when suffering potential heart attack symptoms. He is now starting cardiac rehab and has started walking for activity. He is hoping to get back to riding after completing cardiac rehab.