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Lindsay Brown-Grebner and her family are thankful. Very thankful that when she needed emergent care for the delivery of her baby, Kannon Paul, that Providence was close by.

At 36 weeks, Lindsay had a scheduled C-section scheduled at another hospital. She had four weeks to prepare. But baby Kannon had other plans in mind.  She experienced some severe back pain and thought it was due to being late in her pregnancy. She was taking it easy and went to bed early but then woke up thinking her water had broken. But it was something more serious and her husband Christian called for an ambulance.

The Leavenworth County paramedics said it was dire for them to take her to the closest hospital with maternity care with a suspected placental abruption. While she wasn’t familiar with the Maternity and Infant Care at Providence, and obviously was scared early in the event; when they arrived, she immediately felt comforted.

“When I was brought up to the unit, I think there were about 10 nurses and staff ready to help,” Lindsay said. “And I just knew, they were ready to care for us.”

She says she was amazed by the experience of the nursing staff and the one-on-one care they provided them and that she doesn’t know if she would have received that level of personalized care at another hospital.  “We were arriving in the middle of the night and the night shift nurses were so experienced,” she said.

An IV was started, and things moved very quickly, according to Lindsay. Carolin Haeusler Rossavik, DO, delivered little Kannon. He was taken to the NICU where he remained for about an hour for initial care by a neonatal nurse practitioner. After that he was reunited with Mom and Dad.

Dr. Haeusler Rossavik, said, “”I’m glad the family acted fast and came to the hospital right away. ”

Lindsay also mentioned she was impressed with the neonatal level of care for her baby.  A routine hearing screening by the nurse practitioner showed some loss of hearing in Kannon’s left ear.  After his first visit with his pediatrician, she was able to bring him back to the Providence Unit for a follow-up screening receiving recommendations for further care.

The Leavenworth County family have three other children, Jack, age 11, Easton, age 4, and Bristol, age 2.

“I continue to share with families and friends our story and the wonderful care we received at Providence,” Lindsay says.